ECO friendly packaging

The past few years has been characterized by topics such as:

  • Climate protection
  • Plastic waste
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Sustainability

This has not passed us by…

Vivanco want to help produce less plastic waste and be more environmentally conscious! All of this while still having a optimal and attractive presentation of our products!

The first category that we challenged ourselves to change was our largest! Our cables range consists of over 400 products covering audio, video, antenna and computer and being in plastic blister packaging we knew it was the correct place to start.

From the summer of 2020 all cable packaging has been switched from plastic to carton box packaging and as you can see from the image this has not compromised the style or layout, still keeping that premium feel.

The change has been made as a “running change” meaning all product codes and barcodes have been kept the same to ensure the smoothest of transitions for our customers.