Vivanco Ultra High Speed 8k HDMI® Cable

Ultra High speed 8k cable to future proof your Home cinema experience.
– Supports HDMI @ 2.1 specification.
– Bandwith up to 48 Gbits/s (Standard 18 Gbits/s.
– 4k@120Hz / 8K@60HZ & resolutions up to 10K.
– Frame rates up to 120 Frames / sec.
– Enhanced Audio return Channel (eARC).
– High Dynamic Range (HDR).
– Ideal for Playstation 5 Xbox series X.
– Gold plated contacts.

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From entry-level loose cables all the way through to premium 8K HDMI, we have every option and price level covered. A colour guided packaging system with a sophisticated display enables easy merchandising for a user-friendly professional display.

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