Customer-centric design, 100% plastic-free and completely recyclable!

A big winner for us is our packaging, which continues to aid buying confidence and keeps sales in-store rather than online.
The emphasis is on customer-centric design which is as clear as it is attractive and easy to merchandise.

Vivanco packaging is coordinated for style and size, creating a visually-pleasing customer experience in the smallest space possible with no loss of impact.
The clear, consistent, colour-coded guiding system aids mean it’s super easy to identify, assess and compare products.

To put it simply, we make the most relevant information the most prominent. Plus, we’re 100 percent plastic-free and completely recyclable — even down to the bamboo-card cable tie on our cables.

POS is available to make sure the products are displayed for maximum effect – ask one of our team for more.

We love receiving images and feedback from our customers.

The above image is a fine example of how to display Vivanco products.

✅ Multiple categories displayed
✅ Uniformed and easy to merchandise
✅ Clean and clear, consumer-friendly packaging
✅ Eco-friendly – 100% plastic free and recyclable

Click here to view more information and examples on our packaging and merchandising concepts and how you can display our products in-store.